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Katahdin Art Project

Own piece of Appalachian Trail history!

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This limited-edition collectible art piece is a collaboration between Earl Shaffer and trail photographer Bart Smith. A celebration of Mount Katahdin and the joy of hiking, you can now buy a museum-quality piece of Appalachian Trail history! Limited signed prints are available with Earl Shaffer's original signature and Bart Smith's original signature; memorial prints include a tribute to Earl Shaffer and are signed by Bart Smith. 

The Katahdin Art Project is a labor of love. Designed by Earl Shaffer, the first-ever thru-hiker of the Appalachian Trail, and Bart Smith, long-distance hiker and professional photographer, this incredible piece of art is a dedication to the beauty, challenge, and inspiration that the Appalachian Trail provides.

Bart and Earl met during Earl's 50th anniversary hike of the Appalachian Trail. The poem displayed on the piece, titled "Katahdin", encapsulates the raw emotion and inspiration so many Appalachian Trail hikers feel towards their journey. Bart's photograph of Mount Katahdin was taken the same year, right after a snowstorm left the peak with a stunning dusting of snowfall. And finally, the two worked to sign as many copies of the Katahdin Art Project as possible, before Earl passed away. 

Earl's and Bart's shared vision for the Katahdin Art Project was to raise funding to support the conservation of the Appalachian Trail. By purchasing a copy of the Katahdin Art Project, you not only own a piece of Trail history, but are also helping to preserve the Trail for generations to come. 

Each purchase includes a tax-deductable donation; details are included on each product page.

Thank you for supporting the Katahdin Art Project!

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