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We are excited to announce that our Spring 2021 Newsletter has been published! In this issue, you can read Board Member David Donaldson's account of his 1998 thru hike, during which he got to meet, hike with, and form a long-lasting friendship with Earl.

Board Member Dan Shaffer's article about Earl's Native American advocacy highlights a little-known side of Earl's work to support local Native American tribes and communities. And finally, we included poetry excerpts that illustrate Earl's focus on the Kinzua tribe in particular, including "The Question of Kinzua" and "Kinzua Death Chant".

We hope you enjoy this issue of the ESF newsletter. Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about Earl's work, and send us your own submissions to be featured in future newsletters. We are always looking for Appalachian Trail and hiking related poetry, art, and articles to feature in our newsletters.

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We're proud to announce the publication of the Earl Shaffer Foundation's first-ever newsletter. This inaugural edition includes articles written by our Board Members, beautiful photographs taken by Earl and ESF board members, and original artwork of wildlife of the Northeast.

We hope you enjoy reading through this first newsletter!

Our subsequent newsletters are planned for twice a year, and we hope to publish more art and writing from Appalachian Trail hikers, local artists, poets, and writers. Please visit to read our latest newsletter, and if you have submissions for future editions, please visit !

Enjoy, and happy holidays!

- The Earl Shaffer Foundation

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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

In celebration of Earl's 100th birthday, November 8, 2018, the Foundation is proud to announce the publication of a new book of Earl's heartfelt poetry about hiking on the Appalachian Trail. In this new book, the sixth containing Earl's works, the reader can witness the passion that Earl felt for the Trail and know the sense of adventure he felt as he experienced the wonders of the natural world along the Trail.

Illustrated with over 80 full-color photographs taken by Earl and others in the Appalachian Trail community, the book features more than 90 poems, songs and meditations written by Earl describing his experiences in the outdoors.

Anyone who loves hiking and the Appalachian Trail will find delight and inspiration in this new book.

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