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While he concentrated much of his time on writing poetry, Earl Shaffer enjoyed setting many of his writings to song. In his later years, Earl recorded many of these songs while playing his acoustic guitar, steel string guitar and mandolin. Many of his songs are dedicated to his experience and love of the Appalachian Trail, and to his experience as a soldier during WWII. Enjoy these classic songs written by Earl below.

Always in April

More than just a long distance hiker, Earl Shaffer was a poet, songwriter, folk singer and guitarist. This album contains 17 of Earl's original songs, sung and played by Earl on his classical guitar.

Trail of the Tropic Moon

Discovered among a relative's estate, recordings of Earl singing many of the ballads he wrote while he was stationed in the South Pacific during World War II (and others he wrote after he returned home) have just been released for digital download.

Songs of the Blue Ridge Runner

Earl sometimes referred to himself as the "Blue Ridge Runner," which is the name of the CD's lively title song. "Walking With Spring" is a song which Takoma Tedd arranged using the lyrical chapter quatrains from Earl's book chronicling his 1948 hike. Its haunting imagery of the trail from Springer north to Katahdin will resonate with anyone who's ever done or dreamed of doing a long hike on the AT.

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