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Earl's 1948 Slideshow Now Available on DVD

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

The Foundation recently produced a DVD featuring Earl's original color slides with Earl's own 80-minute narration of his pioneering 1948 thruhike. It also contains his 1948 daily trail journal and other interesting items, including video of several TV interviews conducted during his 1998 50th Anniversary thruhike. The DVD can be ordered from the Foundation for $24.95 plus shipping, with all proceeds benefiting causes dear to Earl.  DETAILS HERE

Description of Walking With Spring: the DVD

Earl himself narrates this 80-minute slideshow which illustrates his historic 1948 thruhike of the Appalachian Trail with photos taken by Earl during the hike. Shown to countless audiences by Earl during the 54 years he was alive following his 1948 hike, the slideshow is now available to purchase in DVD format. The images in the slideshow were processed by the Smithsonian Institution to enhance their clarity and preserve their quality. Earl gives details of all that he encountered and how he coped with the challenging conditions during his unprecedented 4-month odyssey. Also included on the DVD is footage of live TV interviews conducted with Earl during his 1998 50th-anniversary thruhike by the Today Show, CBS News and Fox News. The DVD also contains material not previously published, including the text of the journal he kept during his 1948 hike as well as his essay giving advice to long-distance hikers.

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